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Classic Chakra Bracelet

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Our Chakra bracelets are handcrafted with natural lava stones and delicate gems.
Place a drop of essential oil of your choice on a lava rock to obtain a subtle passive diffusion of the aromas throughout the day.

The bracelets are assembled on elastic cord, which makes them comfortable all day long.

Gems and their Chakra may vary depending on the availability of natural stones:):

Red or Black: Agate or Obsidian- & gt; Root
Orange: Amber, Jasper - & gt; Sacred
Brown or Yellow: Tiger's Eye or Citrine- & gt; Solar plexus
Green or Pink: Imperial Jade, Malachite or Rose Quartz- & gt; Heart
Blue: Turquoise, Sodalite, Lapis-Lazuli - & gt; Throat
Indigo: Lapis-Lazuli, Amethyst - & gt; Third Eye
Violet or Clear: Amethyst or Hyaline Quartz - & gt; Crowned