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Lemon - Organic - Pure Essential Oil

Lemon - Organic - Pure Essential Oil

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Whether it's to purify the air, scent a cleaning product, or promote a positive state of mind, lemon essential oil has been used for generations for its multiple benefits.


  • May have anti-tumor and antibacterial potential;
  • Allows for immune stimulation and an increase in white blood cells;
  • Acts against fats, obesity, and lipomas;
  • Allows for gentle detoxification;
  • Purifies and cleans the air;
  • May have effects against urinary infections and hypertension;
  • Soothes digestive disorders and anxiety;
  • Useful for removing sticky substances from fur or hair (when diluted);
  • Makes stainless steel shine.

Safety and Precautions

Potential photosensitizing. May be irritating to the skin.
Keep out of reach of children and animals. Not intended for consumption.


Latin Name Citrus limon
Main Components


Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Part Used

Fruit peel

Country of Origin


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