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The Softener - gel for muscle pain

The Softener - gel for muscle pain

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The effective natural solution for your muscle and joint pain, The Softener will have you feeling like your aching muscles just took a long hot bath, got a massage and slept through the night, all in minutes! Its anti-inflammatory effects are particularly appreciated on tired joints.

The gel formula is non-sticky, non-staining and absorbs quickly.

Warning:can cause intense muscle relaxation!

Massage into painful areas as needed.
Do not apply to mucous membranes and irritated or broken skin. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Aloe Gel, Blend of Essential Oils (Copaiba, Organic Wintergreen, Organic Peppermint, Organic Clove, Organic Black Pepper), Arnica Infused Oil (Heterotheca inuloides, Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Oil Infused with calendula (Calendula officinalis, extra virgin olive oil)

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