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Balsam fir Organic - Pure Essential Oil

Balsam fir Organic - Pure Essential Oil

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The traditional scent of balsam fir reminds us of a walk in the forest and the relief of a sore throat during colds, perhaps even some unpleasant-tasting but effective syrups! Balsam fir has been used long before the discovery of America, and its properties on the respiratory system are well known. But did you know that this oil also has interesting effects on stress management and relief of joint pain?


  • Relieves and prevents nervous and physical fatigue;
  • Contributes to emotional work and stress management;
  • Relieves and prevents colds, runny nose, and bronchitis;
  • Relieves joint pain and rheumatism;
  • Prevents and treats bone, inflammatory, and respiratory disorders;
  • May have an effect in reducing blood cortisol levels;
  • Traditionally believed to relieve insect bites.

Safety and Precautions

Keep out of reach of children and animals. Not intended for consumption.

WARNING: Contraindicated for pregnant or nursing women and babies.


Latin Name Abies balsamea
Main Components

α+β-Pinene, l-bornyl acetate

Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Part Used


Country of Origin


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