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Globulus Eucalyptus (common) Organic - Pure Essential Oil

Globulus Eucalyptus (common) Organic - Pure Essential Oil

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Often used in well-known recipes for cough drops and medicinal ointments, eucalyptus globulus has long been associated with mint (menthol) to relieve respiratory disorders for several generations. For some, it has become a reflex at the first sign of a cough or tickle in the throat. Its use is not limited to colds or bronchitis! In fact, after a respiratory illness, it is recommended to continue diffusing eucalyptus to purify and clean the air (rosemary cineole can also be used for this purpose).


  • The essential oil par excellence for respiratory conditions (bronchitis, productive coughs, lung infections, etc.);
  • Helps control and treat certain fungal infections;
  • Contributes to purifying and cleaning the air (due to its high concentration of cineole);
  • Helps regain concentration and serenity.

Safety and Precautions

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not intended for consumption.

WARNING: Avoid with asthmatic individuals and young children according to some sources, but use with caution with others. Use under the supervision of a specialist is recommended.


Latin Name Eucalyptus globulus
Main Components


Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Part Used

Wood and leaves

Country of Origin


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